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If you're thinking about starting up an informational website or business focusing on the usual items of interest relating to the "anti-aging" marketplace - you know the drill: supplements, alternative medicine, and so on - and approach me out of the blue asking to use content from Fight Aging! and the Longevity Meme in your endeavor, don't expect to be showered with support. I am no friend of the mainstream "anti-aging" marketplace and deplore the damage it does to actual, serious efforts to extend healthy life span.

This is true even if you happen to be a supporter of the Mprize, a long-time reader, and so on and so forth. It's never pleasant to have to turn down polite, earnest, overreaching requests, but I will - so it's easier all round if you just don't ask.

The terms under which anyone can make use of what I write here at Fight Aging! - without asking, even - are in the sidebar. It's all under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons license; do as you will provided you keep the work intact, attribute the author and don't make money from it.

As for the Longevity Meme, a range of the material there is syndicated in ways that should make it easy to incorporate into your website. Again, no need to ask, it's sitting right there and available under the non-onerous terms of the syndication agreement.

If I want to do more than this for specific cases, I will. But I can guarantee that won't happen for someone I'm talking to for the first time today.

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