A Preview of Aging

We've all experienced a preview of what it's like to suffer the effects of aging, even those of us who haven't tried on the aging simulator suit. What preview is that? Well, think back to the last time you were significantly ill - home from work, in pain, feeling sorry for yourself, and struggling with the list of simple tasks that still absolutely had to be accomplished regardless. Every simple thing seems like a mountain in such miserable times, never mind the hard stuff.

Now imagine all of that stretching forward for years; unending medical costs and no real prospects for improvement. That is the present end state of degenerative aging in a nutshell. Why aren't you doing more to help avoid this fate?

We live in an age of near-unlimited potential in the advance of biotechnology and medicine, yet very little in the way of resources is directed towards repairing the damage of aging. Potential is worth nothing if few are working on it.

So help yourself out by helping to bring forward the date on which humanity defeats aging. If we miss that boat, and consequently suffer years of the ugly realities of aging, then we only have our own inaction to blame.

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