Alliance For Aging Research Seeks Director of Development

The Alliance for Aging Research is seeking a director of development: "This 20-year-old healthcare non-profit is recognized as the leading authority and advocate for healthy aging research. It is backed by a strong and diverse Board of Directors, representing companies, foundations, and patient advocates which supports scientific and medical discoveries to maximize healthy aging, independence and quality of life for older Americans. The organization is seeking a Director of Development who will be passionate about the potential of medical research to improving the lives of older Americans. ... The Director of Development works closely with the Executive and Deputy Director and is a senior member of the leadership team. Working closely with the Board and staff, this individual is responsible for formulating, implementing and directing the fundraising strategies for the organization. S/he will lead their team in carrying out a comprehensive development plan incorporating all levels of fund raising." The Alliance is one of the backers of the Longevity Dividend initiative; if you support that direction for longevity research and development, there are few better opportunities to step in and help directly.



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