More on Cellular Micromachines

Via the Cantonsville Times, another look at the near future of medical devices - make them small, make an army of them, and build them exactly like cells: "Imagine not having to go to the doctor when you are sick. No medicine, no popping pills. Instead, tiny cell-like machines in your body would manufacture medicine and deliver it exactly where it is needed. University of Maryland researchers said these 'nanofactories' may not be that far away. Nanofactories are pseudo-cells that are swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin and travel to a specific location in the body. What's unique about these tiny biochemical factories is that they could potentially use materials already in the body to manufacture medicine at the first sign of infection or disease. ... You actually take components and make something that wasn't there before. It takes things from their environment and puts them through the factory and generates something important." Our cells are tiny, complex machines - varied, efficient, autonomous robots in effect. Since we want more of the same, but tailored to our design, why not start with the blueprint that's right under our noses?



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