More On Stem Cells Versus Parkinson's

You'll find a fair degree of interesting work taking place in India these days, often in connection to medical tourism, as illustrated here by Express Healthcare: "Stem cell research seems to be promising in regenerating hope to cure [Parkinson's disease (PD)]. This will motivate innumerable patients across the world to explore this new modality. However, we need to observe the long-term clinical effects in large number of patients to decide its role in the treatment of the degenerative diseases ... After stem cell therapy last year, Andrew has shown remarkable recovery in his symptom as he has started walking without support, there has been significant reduction in the tremors [and] his medication for PD has been withdrawn since the last months. ... The successful clinical outcomes from our stem cell research programme have given us the confidence to share this new hope with the public at large so that a greater number of people can participate in the clinical research for getting relief from major diseases and disabilities." The economics dictate that you'll see progress being driven in less prosperous countries by the flow of comparative wealth from outside, driven on by the high cost of regulation in places like the US.



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