Most Likely a Common Viewpoint

Via the Synapse, what is most likely a common view of calorie restriction: "Obviously the idea of living disease free into old age is desired by most, but few people would seriously consider making the sacrifices required of such a complex diet. ... Since hundreds of people are restricting caloric intake [there] is sure to be an abundance of data about the long-term effects of calorie restriction on humans in the (not too distant?) future. This means that [we] can wait and see where this research leads and then change our minds later ... But before you have your cake and eat it too, consider that there may be an additional take-home message from this research. I would make the case that the potential benefits of short-term caloric restriction reported here seems to underline the prudence of eating in moderation." The human tendency to laziness at work: if there's the possibility of benefits later for work later, wait and see how it turns out rather than working now. But maybe you can get something for a little work now, since the results of the work look pretty compelling - but not compelling enough to propel you to action. It should be said that you can only call calorie restriction complex in comparison to a diet of "whatever, whenever, no attention to nutrition given" - and if you haven't actually tried it.



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