The Conservative View of Calorie Restriction

The Mayo Clinic accurately reproduces the cautious, conservative line on calorie restriction. As for many such resources, it manages to be technically accurate while overstating the difficulty of practicing calorie restriction responsibly and safely, and missing some of the latest science: "Short trials of calorie restriction diets in people have shown some benefit. ... people who subscribe to calorie restriction carefully monitor their food intake to ensure they're getting all the vitamins and nutrients they need. ... Scientists have their doubts about the viability of the calorie restriction diet in a Western culture where overweight and obesity seem to be the norm. ... People undergoing calorie restriction, whether through a restricted diet only or through a combination of diet and exercise, typically have seen positive changes in their: blood pressure, blood sugar, body fat percentage, cholesterol levels, heart rate, weight ... Calorie restriction studies may help researchers better understand the aging process, and they may provide clues for developing new anti-aging drugs. Researchers hope to study how calorie restriction works on the body so that drugs may be developed to work in the same way."



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