The Micronutrient Camp

I see the exploration of micronutrients and other supplements as an aspect of the mainstream direction of aging research - interested in optimizing and tinkering with metabolic processes to gain only very modest, incremental gains in healthy life span. Slowing aging a bit, in other words, rather than any more ambitious project based upon modern biotechnology. From ScienceDaily: "The evidence suggests that lipoic acid is actually a low-level stressor that turns on the basic cellular defenses of the body, including some of those that naturally decline with age ... Researchers at LPI are studying vitamins, dietary approaches and micronutrients that may be implicated in the aging or degenerative disease process, and say that lipoic acid appears to be one of those with the most compelling promise. The goal of LPI research, Hagen said, is to address issues of 'healthspan,' not just lifespan -- meaning the ability to live a long life with comparatively good health and vigor, free of degenerative disease, until very near death. The best mechanisms to accomplish that, scientists say, have everything to do with diet, exercise, healthy lifestyle habits and micronutrient intake." Which is true - if you ignore the entirety of the modern biotechnology revolution. Live in the past, or live in the future? Not a hard choice for me.



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