Banging the Drum at Telomolecular

I'm seeing more press releases from Telomolecular of late. To me that suggests they are heading into the next round of funding. It never hurts to bang the drum: "Nanocircles (a nanotechnology developed at Stanford University) and vTert (Telomolecular's synthetic enzyme) are capable of repairing damaged and shortened telomeres. Researchers at Telomolecular believe they've found a way to deliver Nanocircles and vTert to chromosomes in living organisms, reversing diseases caused by that damage. The researchers envision the ability, eventually, to speed the healing process in humans, preventing or even curing cancer. ... In the laboratory, Telomolecular has regenerated aged tissues that remain permanently young and live thousands of times beyond their normal replicative life span. Duplicated in living animals, this process could cure a variety of diseases caused by critical telomere degradation." Longer lived tissues do not automatically translate to longevity of health - it's very specific to the situation at hand. I found the recent news relating to Telomolecular's licensing of mitochondrial repair technology to be much more interesting than these general interest releases, given research indicating links between mitochondrial damage and telomere shortening.


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