CR and Gene Expression in Fat Cells

Here's something new to add to the list of interesting things calorie restriction (CR) does to your metabolism on the way to granting health and longevity benefits. Via Ouroboros: "Adipocytes (fat cells) are the site of much metabolic and endocrine activity; their physiology affects our energy balance, insulin sensitivity and a host of other processes throughout the body. And of course, as some of us know all too well, their behavior is dynamic not only from hour to hour but from year to year, over the course of aging. It's natural to ask questions about the impact of life-extending regimens like calorie restriction (CR) on the biology of adipocytes. A study of rat adipocytes reveals that CR influences the expression of a wide range of signaling molecules, and reverses or mitigates some of the age-related changes in gene expression observed in previous research." Wherever scientists look, the signs of CR affecting the biochemical symptoms of aging are there to be found - or so it seems, some days.


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