Pointing Out the People Database Project Blog

I linked to a transcript of an Aubrey de Grey presentation at the People Database project blog a few days ago, but I feel I should direct your attention to the whole rather than pieces. The blog is one of the Accelerating Future initiatives, and author Jeriaska is doing a great job in pulling together video and transcripts of noteworthy transhumanist advocates, entrepreneurs and activists. Amongst those people are ardent supporters of healthy life extension research, folk working hard to advance medical science and grow the funding pool for serious attempts to repair aging. A couple of examples from the People Database project blog:

Both names well known to readers here, I don't doubt. Surrounding those are posts on experts and advocates for the development of artificial intelligence, molecular manufacturing, and other transformative technologies to help liberate us from the confines of the human condition as it presently exists.

All in all a worthwhile and useful resource. Go and take a look.

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