Gigabytes of SENS3 Presentation Video

Gigabytes of video presentations in mp4 format are available for download at the website for the third conference on Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS3). Most of the speakers at this conference on longevity science and efforts to repair the biomolecular damage of aging are represented, and you'll find a great deal of very valuable material there.

Thanks to the prodigious efforts of Richard Schueler (who supervised the recordings, provided the camera and edited the files), splendidly assisted by Irvin Bussel and Stuart Calimport (who did most of the actual filming), we are able to provide video recordings of most of the talks at SENS3.

That's a hefty amount of data, weighing in a little under 300 megabytes per presentation - the impatient amongst us can find some streaming versions ready made at Richard Shueler's website, however.

I encourage the community to set to work on recompressing the best of SENS3 for upload to YouTube and Google Video, there to join the many other presentations on healthy life extension science to be found online. Conferences like SENS3 will be made far more worthwhile over the long term through many, many people coming to view just how active the scientific community can be in the quest to repair aging.

We should all thank the volunteers who worked hard to make this happen - these presentations will be bringing new support to longevity research for years to come.

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