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Some very good points here, passed on by the Globe and Mail, whether or not it is 100% performance art: "Sipping Earl Grey tea at Ben Wicks, a lower-level Parliament Street hangout complete with paperback books and board games, they looked anything but nefarious as they described the Fuck Death Foundation, a non-profit charity they're launching over the next year to ultimately defeat mortality. Suspend your disbelief. Messieurs Wilkinson and Stewart are two of the city's most insightful people under 30 and their M.O. is not macabre, nor is it offensive ... Art can be so wishy-washy, so subjective. We wanted to have a quantifiable contribution to society ... An anonymous donor has covered initial administration and legal costs. In addition to assembling a board of directors, they hope to establish an operational model that will efficiently and effectively target parasitic and infectious disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer and AIDS. A Lightning Action Relief Fund will respond to global crisis situations. Over time, resources will be directed toward 'life extension sciences.' ... It's important to think about death. ... Unconsidered, life's not worth living." I'm all for covering all the memetic bases; best of luck to these fellows in creating more of the mindset whereby people are roused to shake their fists at aging and take action.

Link: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/LAC.20071110.COOL10/TPStory/TPEntertainment/Ontario/

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