On Centenarian Characteristics

You might find this PDF-format paper interesting. Nothing we haven't seen before in various studies, but it is a good reminder as to the cost of being overweight - it damages you, and shortens your life expectancy: "A random representative sample of 240 men born in 1887 and survived to age 100 was selected from the US Social Security Administration database. ... This allowed us to validate 171 cases of exceptional longevity, and obtain information on vital characteristics of male centenarians when they were young adults. ... It was found that the 'stout' body build (being in the heaviest 15% of population) was negatively associated with survival to age 100 years. Both farming and having large number of children (4+) at age 30 significantly increased the chances of exceptional longevity by 100-200%. The effects of immigration status, marital status, and body height on longevity were less important, and they were statistically insignificant in the studied data set. This study provides the first estimates of height, body build and other vital characteristics for the future centenarians at their young adult ages, and shows that detrimental effects of obesity may have an exceptionally long time range, and that obesity at young adult age (30 years) is predictive for almost three times lower chances of survival to age 100 years."

Link: http://longevity-science.org/Centenarians-GSA-2007-paper.pdf

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