$1000 For SENS Research When Our Folding@Home Team Passes Rank 200

The Longevity Meme Folding@Home team has been steadily rising through the ranks since its inception, thanks to the volunteer efforts of the many team members. The team is closing in on rank 200, a point that has been marked as a milestone for while. The lower ranks are a tough slog, but the team has been doing well - growing and producing results.

I have decided that the best thing to do to mark the passage of rank 200, rather than send out another round of Longevity Meme tchotchkes, is to donate a chunk of change to the Methuselah Foundation, where it can be put to good use in advancing longevity science. Here is my incentive for the team: pass rank 200, and stay beneath that level for a week, and I'll donate $1000 in support of Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) research carried out by the Foundation.

You might look at the recent progress report from the Methuselah Foundation for a detailed look at how research funding is spent, and what progress has been made to date.

Comments are welcome.


That's really good of you, but one thing to consider might be the double-matching funds until Dec. 31st. If that money was donated before then, it would turn into $3,000. Might be worth doing even if the team isn't at 200...

Posted by: Michael G.R. at December 19th, 2007 11:52 AM
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