Aging and Longevity at KQED

Bay Area public radio station KQED yesterday looked at aging and longevity research - as Chris Patil was pleased to note a few days ago:

The Buck Institute for Age Research will be featured [on] KQED’s morning talk show, Forum. The program starts at 9 AM PST; I’ve just learned that the show will be broadcasting live from the Buck itself. ... Note that Forum is a call-in show, and it might be nice to have some actual biogerontologists phone in a few good questions. I’m just sayin’.

On a personal note, my baymates and I are tickled pink because our beloved postdoctoral advisor, Judy Campisi., will be among the interviewees.

Those of you arriving late can find the program in two parts in the Forum audio archive:

Aging and Longevity: Hour 1

Forum discusses the history of research on aging, the process of aging and the latest studies in a live remote broadcast from the Buck Institute for Age Research.

Aging and Longevity: Hour 2

In the second hour of a live remote broadcast from the Buck Institute for Age Research, the show looks at social and policy implications of aging populations.

Regular readers will probably find the first half of the show more interesting. "Social and policy implications" is usually a keyword for "unimaginatively telling other people how to live their lives."


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