Alcor Critical Care Medical Panel Transcript

The People Database blog continues a sterling job of recording the dialogue of the healthy life extension community: "There are many ways we can define cryonics. Sometimes it is presented as a scientific experiment done on humans. The direction that we are headed in now is to present it as a long-term form of critical care medicine. ... The point is, doctors tend to be a rather stilted lot. They don't necessarily embrace things that work just because they work. They have to go through a kind of culturalization. As far as cryonics goes, leaving the realm of science fiction and entering the realm of critical care medicine, the entry point will be fairly rigorous and will involve randomized double-blind studies to show potential. Of course, you have to remember that the whole point of science is imagination. This is imaginative. Anything that is imaginative is welcome. If it can be shown to have some scientific rationality, if it can be shown to make sense, eventually it will slowly blend into a very stilted bunch of people who don't accept things readily."



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