An Interview With Michael Rose

Gene Engineering News is broadening its scope with podcasts on late, such as this interview with researcher Michael Rose: "science is now gaining a better understanding of the human aging process, with the ultimate goal of exerting some control over it. During this week's podcast, Dr. Michael Rose, developer of the long-lived Methuselah fruit fly line and one of the pioneers in aging research, offers his insights on the science of aging. He addresses such questions as 'why we age' and 'are aging and age-related disease synonymous?' Does the concept of humans one day living to be 150-years-old or more lie in the realm of science or science fiction? A specialist in evolutionary biology, Dr. Rose talks about how can advances in evolutionary biology can help us postpone aging. He discusses why severe caloric restriction will not substantially increase the lifespans of humans although it often does so in animal models. Dr. Rose also presents his case that there is a serious, hardcore, mathematical, scientific theory that underlies aging, but that a paucity of mathematically-inclined biologists is inhibiting discussion and further advances in the scientific study of aging based [on] this theory."



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