SENS Research Donations Tripled Until Year End

Good news from the Methuselah Foundation: "You might recall in 2006 that Peter Thiel made a $3 million Matching Challenge to SENS Research, where he matches 50% of donations to research until the end of 2009. Well, our performance and Thiel's example have prompted a supporter and Three Hundred Member, Michael Cooper, to join in. He is offering a $25,000 Matching Challenge of his own until the end of this month. ... Your donations to speed research into repairing the damage of aging and extending the healthy human lifespan will be matched 2-to-1 until the end of 2007, expanding your donation threefold. ... The two presently open Donation Challenges match donations to SENS Research cumulatively. That is, newer matching pledges are evaluated first and the amount matched is added to the incoming donation before the amount for the next matching pledge is calculated, magnifying the value of the donation substantially. At present, a $100 donation (enough for a free autographed copy of 'Ending Aging') is leveraged to $300!" If you've been thinking about stepping up to help make a real difference to the field of aging research, now is the time. If not now, when?



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