Short Videos by Aubrey de Grey Explaining Longevity Science

As mentioned over at the Methuselah Foundation blog, the foundation volunteers are back on the cutting floor to produce a series of short videos to explain some of the basics of modern longevity science:

Aubrey de Grey and I will be recording several short videos explaining the science of SENS, the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence, for the benefit of the general public. These videos are intended to serve as an intermediate step between the brief text overviews at the SENS website and the scientific literature. This is a similar niche to that successfully occupied by Ending Aging, but intended to address a slightly different target demographic.

The resulting videos will be hosted at the Foundation website, as well as being uploaded to YouTube and Google Video. We hope they do as wonderful a job of raising awareness that 'SENS makes sense' as the many existing presentations and interviews with Aubrey have done in past years.

You'll be pleased to see a first set of short videos are available for viewing at the Foundation website as a Video FAQ on Life Extension Therapies. Here's the list:

  • What are 'life extension therapies'?
  • When did life extension studies first begin?
  • What is 'rejuvenation therapy'?
  • What is your master plan for extending the human lifespan?
  • Is SENS endorsed by mainstream gerontologists?
  • What is 'tissue rejuvenation'?
  • What are 'stem cells'?
  • How might stem cells increase my life span?
  • How might organ transplants extend my life?
  • What is 'gene therapy'?
  • What is 'calorie restriction' CR?
  • How safe and effective is calorie restriction?
  • What is 'cryonics'?
  • What is a 'growth hormone'?
  • How safe and effective are growth hormones?
  • How much will life extension therapies cost?
  • What types of experiments are necessary to test life extension therapies?

A good start - getting in at the basic basics first. This is all being done through VideoJug, a toolset and video aggregator with a focus on instruction and microeducation by the look of it.


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