Aubrey de Grey on the Colbert Report

Biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey, the quintessentially English driving force behind the Methuselah Foundation and SENS research, appeared on the Colbert Report last night - all very last minute for advance warning and confirmation as so many of these television shows are. A healthy discussion is underway over at the Immortality Institute: "Just saw him on the re-air, awesome to see him on the Colbert Report. I remember people suggesting on here that Aubrey should go on the show, but others figured that would never happen ... never say never. Great way to expose the Methuselah Foundation. ... [That] was great! Aubrey handled the interview really well. ... I'm fairly convinced that scientists will collectively come to the same conclusion that majority of non-genetic disorders are all related to the aging process, a process that can be modified to obviate it's deleterious effects. Some of us have simply realized this sooner than the rest of the world and have a head-start. It'll sink in. We just need more Aubrey's shouting this from rooftops."


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