Common Sense

Making the most of your natural, inbuilt capacity for longevity is nothing more than applied common sense. For many people, that common sense will make enough of a difference to healthy life span to live into the era of rejuvenation medicine and the repair of aging. Via CNN Money: "Challenge yourself to learn new things. Learn a language. Take up the violin. Crossword puzzles and computer games aren't going to do the trick. You're retrieving information you've got in memory. Learning, though, seems to change the brain - it seems to improve resiliency. ... Obesity and inactivity will kill you. Aim for 30 minutes of exercise a day, but even just 10 minutes will help. Our bodies will benefit from any exercise at any age. Even frail, bedridden 80-year-olds benefit from regular programs of light weight lifting. After exercising they had fewer complaints of pain or discomfort. ... We've got to rethink retirement. Unless you have health issues, there aren't a lot of good reasons to quit working at 65. Work gives structure and meaning to life, though you may not want to work the same long hours as when you were young." Make use of the capacities you have, or be prepared to see them wither away much faster than you'd like.


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