The Spreading Search For Longevity Genes

Via the Hindu Business Line, news of a longevity study in India: "The Avestagenome project, that seeks to plot the genetic and medical database of the Parsi community, expects to start its Mumbai-leg of the study this April. The project would open a base in Mumbai, the centre with the largest Parsi population, for voluntary collection of blood samples from the community ... With Parsis showing high levels of longevity, the project seeks to undertake genetic studies to examine the basis of the longevity, besides identifying genes that may be linked to age-related neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. The study will also focus on two cancers, including breast cancer." The article compares the work to that of deCODE in Iceland, though it seems closer in nature to longevity studies of the Ashkenazi Jewish population - a small, distinct population in which it is easier to uncover meaningful genetic differences.


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