Immortality Institute Redesign

If you haven't visited the Immortality Institute recently, you should head on over and take a look. The latest redesign is up, intended to better focus visitors on the Institute mission, as well as to present the latest science of longevity and aging and happenings in the healthy life extension community. As always, you'll find an interesting mix of folk in the Institute forums, still a watering hole for people from across the range of the community. Recent functional additions include a wiki for FAQs and other documents: "The Immortality Institute is a non-profit organization with the goal of defeating the disease we call aging. Our official mission is 'to conquer the blight of involuntary death.' We think that this has the possibility of being accomplished through a variety of means, some more radical than others. We try to further the goal of defeating aging through a variety of means, including debate and discussion [amongst] scientists and researchers in the various anti-aging related fields, the production of various informational materials (films, books, etc.), the hosting of conferences dedicated solely to various aspects about the war on aging, funding of research related to curing aging, and many other ways that we think will provide the most benefit to curing aging as quickly as possible."


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