Incoherent Immortality

Immortality is a much abused word, often used in the healthy life extension community as shorthand for physical immortality, the state of not suffering from degenerative aging - being well repaired on a regular basis by use of future medical technologies, in other words. Anne C. has some thoughts: "I don't see longevity advocacy, or longevity medicine, as having anything to do with Infinite Invulnerable Indestructuble-ness or any other metaphysical fantasy. No matter what amazing medical technologies are developed, there's never going to be any guarantee that any person exists in a state wherein continued existence forever is somehow assured. ... In other words, when I talk about life being wonderful, and about the necessity of making medicine as effective as possible for old people as well as for young people - in fact, even when I talk about the notion of mitigating things presently considered 'part of the aging process' - I am not talking about 'making people immortal'. Just, you know, in case that wasn't clear."


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