More Arguments For and Against Engineered Longevity

It's always pleasant to see the signs of greater awareness of healthy life extension and longevity science out there in the world. Here's one: a student-produced video of arguments for and against engineered longevity. It manages to catch most of the major points aired by both sides. "Here's our final video. It looks into the pros and cons of extending our human lives beyond their normal capacity. To enhance the feeling of a debate we decided to animate our parts of the script separately then link them together so that there would be a clear distinction between the arguments for (white text) and against (black text) life extension. We also agreed to leave the debate open so that the viewer is left to decide where they stand on the issue." From where I stand, the point that trumps all others is the ongoing tide of age-related death and pain. More than 100,000 people age to death each and every day, and uncounted millions more suffer terribly. There is no practical level of effort we could devote to the repair aging that would be appropriate to the loss suffered with the passing of every single day.


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