More On the Biochemical Origins Of Diabetes

Via EurekAlert!, a look at the results of neglecting your health: "The islet cells in the pancreas can compensate with increased insulin production only for so long when confronted with chronic obesity and inactivity. As a result glucose levels start to rise causing a host of problems ... Continually revved up insulin production, the kind that results from overeating and obesity, slowly dulls the body's response to insulin. As a result, blood sugar levels start to creep up, setting the stage for diabetes-associated complications such as blindness, stroke and renal failure. To make matters even worse, chronically elevated blood sugar concentrations exacerbate insulin resistance. The vicious circle gets rolling [when] out-of-control blood sugar levels disable the molecular switch that normally shuts off sugar production in the liver in response to rising levels of insulin." This is a personal future you can avoid through diet and exercise - nothing complicated about it. Why risk shortening your life and missing out on the era of working rejuvenation medicine that is just around the corner?


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