Rejuvenation Research Presently Free

February's volume 11 number 1 issue of Rejuvenation Research is presently freely available online. These promotions tend not to last forever, so jump on in while the opportunity is there. Of note beyond the science is an interview with David Sinclair of Sirtris Pharmaceuticals: "I see my work as part of an ongoing struggle for improving human life. If I am lucky, I can add one piece to the puzzle, but clearly there will be many more that need to be discovered if we are going to extend lifespan dramatically. I am optimistic that the piece of puzzle we are working on could add a number of healthy years to people’s lives beyond what is currently possible in medicine. And you are correct, that could help people gain access to future technologies. My primary goal, though, is not to extend lifespan so that other technologies will be available, although that may happen as a fortunate consequence. If my work leads to people living an extra five years of healthy life, I would be a very happy person, and perhaps other people can then pick up the baton from that point."


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