Deadlines For the Understanding Aging Conference

The Understanding Aging conference will be held in Los Angeles in late June, and the early registration and abstract submission deadlines are only two weeks away. By mail from conference organizer Aubrey de Grey: "The program has over two dozen confirmed speakers, all of them world leaders in their field. As for previous conferences I have [co-] organised, the emphasis of this meeting is on 'applied biogerontology' -- the design and implementation of biomedical interventions that may, jointly, constitute a comprehensive panel of rejuvenation therapies, sufficient to restore middle-aged or older laboratory animals (and, in due course, humans) to a youthful degree of physiological robustness. ... registration for the conference includes preferential admission to the free public preconference 'Aging: the disease, the cure, the implications.'" You'll recognize many of the names on the conference agenda - an assembly of leaders in their fields and people of influence.


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