SAGE Crossroads Rises From the Dead

What should I find in my in-box today, but an email from SAGE Crossroads, a professional site on aging science and policy (far too much policy for my taste) that ceased updating a while back. It seems they've risen from the dead this year, and are once again putting new content online in the form of Sagecast videos - see the right hand side on their home page: "Many have argued that when it comes to advances from longevity research - the science is there, but the policy's not. Dr. Richard Miller discusses policy barriers and solutions including insight into the issues faced by FDA, CMS, and NIH when it comes to longevity science. ... In addition to the regulatory and other policy hurdles that longevity science must face, the 'politics' also play a role. Dr. Robert Butler chatted with SAGE Crossroads about the environment, attitudes, and perceptions that challenge the translation of longevity science." For my part, I suspect that the spheres of policy and government research institutions are the last places to look for the signs of rapid, revolutionary progress in enhancing human longevity.


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