MSNBC On Calorie Restriction

How far we've come in the past five years, from the days in which the mainstream media poured scorn on the practice of calorie restriction. If there is a lesson here, it is to observe the way in which the Calorie Restriction Society engaged and encouraged the research community: progress in science is a necessary accompanyment to progress in advocacy for a cause. From MSNBC: "While the quest for the proverbial Fountain of Youth is endless and typically fruitless, one method known to extend the human lifespan by up to five years has quietly become accepted among leading researchers. The formula is simple: Eat less. It could add years to your life, several experts now say. And done in moderation, it could at least help you live a more healthy life. The only question is: Will the average person do it? ... Here's a rough rule of thumb that many experts generally agree on now: Eat 15 percent less starting at age 25 and you might add 4.5 years to your life ... Eating fewer calories also reduces age-related chronic diseases such as cancers, heart disease, and stroke in rodents. That's important because it suggests ways to not just make us live longer, but to allow us to age more gracefully, healthwise."



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