On Arguments Against Longevity

From FutureBlogger: "I believe that science and technology will make extreme life extension possible for most of us alive today. ... Some argue that humans living longer will cause overpopulation problems ... Some assume that people will continue to exhibit signs of aging and be decrepit into their hundreds ... Some say that scientific conquest of death would not be satisfying. We would be incomplete; we would lack wisdom ... In conclusion: Most arguments against extreme life extension are based on the [preconceived] idea that it can never happen, or that it shouldn't happen. As science and technology advances, these arguments are waning. Life extension is not new [for] humans; look at our past: from avoiding predators to developing antibiotics, we have always sought to extend our lives. Today's technologies simply expand this scope - live long and stay healthy - this is a worthy goal for all of us."

Link: http://www.memebox.com/futureblogger/show/720


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