Preparation is Only Helpful When Done Before You Need It

A few points on cryonics and planning for emergencies from Aschwin de Wolf at Depressed Metabolism:

There are a lot of people who believe in the technical feasibility of cryonics and intend to make cryonics arrangements ... when necessary. As cryonics observers know, this is an extremely risky attitude because when people need cryonics the most, they often are unable to communicate their wishes, may meet resistance from relatives who benefit from their not making cryonics arrangements, or lack financial resources because life insurance is no longer an option to fund cryonics.

The best time to make cryonics arrangements is when it seems least likely that you need them soon.

Which is true of all preparation. As de Wolf also points out, cryonics - in the pleasant future in which for-profit cryopreservation concerns are established with solid business models and a sizeable presence - will remain an important critical care option even in the era in which science has conquered aging. Having rapid access to cryosuspension in the event of traumatic accident will be an important item of preparation for ageless individuals.

Many bridges remain to be crossed to reach that stage, not least in the expansion of the cryonics industry to a form in which greater growth and sustainability are ensured. For the moment, it's important to remember that thinking positively about cryonics isn't enough to ensure your cryosuspension. Some effort in preparation is required to ensure that you have the best possible chance of taking advantage of this alternative to the grave and oblivion.


Preparation is Only Helpful When Done Before You Need It.

What a novel, astute observation!!!

Sarcasm aside, it is amazing how many people simply do not "get it" with regards to life extension and cryonics.

Posted by: kurt9 at July 17th, 2008 4:06 PM

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