The Hourglass Aging Science Blog Carnival

Chris Patil of Ouroboros is organizing a blog carnival for aging science and longevity research topics: "There's enough good science blogging about the biology of aging that the community deserves its own monthly carnival (along the lines of the general-biology carnival Tangled Bank, or the neuroscience carnival Encephalon, both of which we've hosted here before). So let's start one. I thought long and hard about names and settled on 'Hourglass,' which is topical enough to be appropriate, but general to be inclusive. ... Topics of posts should have something to do with the biology of aging, broadly speaking - including fundamental research in biogerontology, age-related disease, ideas about life extension technologies, your personal experience with calorie restriction, maybe even something about the sociological implications of increased longevity. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the management, so feel free to subvert the dominant paradigm. If in doubt, submit anyway. About the only sorts of things I'm going to turn away are quackery or promotions of a commercial product."



Post a comment; thoughtful, considered opinions are valued. New comments can be edited for a few minutes following submission. Comments incorporating ad hominem attacks, advertising, and other forms of inappropriate behavior are likely to be deleted.

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