A View of Veterinary Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine for animals is more advanced than that available for humans, as regulation is less oppressive. Here, a view of regenerative medicine for horses: "Tendon and ligament injuries in performance horses are the most common disorders currently being treated with stem cells in clinical trials ... One researcher has shown a lower recurrence rate of bowed tendons in racehorses treated with stem cells ... Clinical trials with local stem cell injection are also being performed for treatment of suspensory ligament injuries of the fore and hind limbs. ... Degenerative joint disease is a problem in performance horses and has great economic impact on the equine industry. Although there are many therapies to support joint health, the majority of these treatments are to relieve the symptoms at best. Stem cell therapy for joint disease is supported by original research performed in goats. It was shown [that] joints treated with stem cells had less arthritic changes compared with nontreated joints in the same animal. Several horses have been experimentally treated for joint injuries [using] stem cell therapy and the initial results have been positive."

Link: http://www.thehorse.com/ViewArticle.aspx?ID=13147


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