Personal Philosophies of Longevity

I think this post over at Pimm might be an example of the entrepreneurial mind ("why would anyone not want this product that I believe in and toil to build?") being confused by the scientific mind ("look at what can be achieved if we go about it the right way"): "How do you interpret the following situation: we have a life extension technologist whose all endeavors is about pushing this issue to its very limits and making things possible but on the other hand this very life extensionist himself is not driven by actually living as long as he can. It seems that SENS theorist Aubrey de Grey [is] taking roughly the above position [by saying] 'I'm actually not mainly driven by a desire to live a long time. I accept that when I'm even a hundred years old, let alone older, I may have less enthusiasm for life than I have today. Therefore, what drives me is to put myself (with luck) and others (lots and lots of others) in a position to make that choice, rather than having the choice progressively ripped away from me or them by declining health. Whether the choice to live longer is actually made is not.'" I've long said that the purpose of longevity science, like most other scientific progress, is to provide new freedoms and choices - the choice to live longer in good health, and the freedom to do so.



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