Longevity Meme Folding@Home Team Hits the Top 100

I'm pleased to note that the volunteer folders-at-home who gather at the Immortality Institute forum have pushed the Longevity Meme Folding@Home team into the top 100 list - it's sitting right at rank 100 as I type this. I'd love to say I helped, but the steady climb through the ranks and increasing donation of computational resources is really all due to the hard work of those who organizated, encouraged, and recruited to grow the team to its present size. Well done all. There is a celebratory discussion thread underway over at the Immortality Institute.

Feel free to set off some fireworks or eat some cake or something to mark the occasion.

When the team hit rank 200 at the start of this year, I donated a small chunk of change to the Methuselah Foundation as an incentive for the folders. The team has sprinted ahead to rank 100 faster than I had anticipated given the competition - and so has caught me without a plan as to what to do to mark the occasion. Since you can't go far wrong by offering money, I think I'll donate a further $2000 to the Methuselah Foundation this year in support of Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence research.

Keep up the good work!