More Glenn Foundation Funding For Aging Research

The Glenn Foundation continues to expand its funding for mainstream aging research, largely aimed at slowing down aging through metabolic and genetic manipulation. Via the Gerontology Research Group website, we learn:

Breaking news was announced at the very start of the [Processes of Aging Conference at the Salk Institute] by Marc Collins that The Paul Glenn Foundation will fund the Salk Institute for aging studies at the rate of $1 million per year for the next five years, along with the prior MIT and Harvard Glenn Centers.

As noted, that's three research centers now being funded by Paul Glenn. The prior two:

Paul F. Glenn Laboratories at Harvard

The Paul F. Glenn Laboratories are dedicated to finding the molecular causes of aging so we can understand the mechanisms of normal aging and develop interventions to delay its onset and progression, thereby extending the healthful years of human life.

Glenn Laboratories for the Science of Aging

Why do living things age? What genes influence longevity? Is it possible to extend youthfulness by means of genetic manipulation? Our research analyzes these tantalizing questions and others in molecular detail.

I hope that the years ahead see more visionary funding sources, such as the Millard Foundation, depart the "slowing aging" mindset and start to more seriously fund the very plausible research aimed at repairing the damage of aging, thus reversing aging itself. Now that more philanthropists are becoming involved in supporting aging research, I think that this is a good goal to aim for: convincing philanthropists that the presently minor voice in the aging research community is in fact the best path ahead.


Is there a mechanism to apply for grants?

Posted by: Moshe Levi at February 26th, 2013 3:37 PM
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