The LifeStar Project

The LifeStar Project is a new initiative from the Millard Foundation, folk who are very interested in longevity science and the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence view of research in particular: potential longevity therapies "are rapidly being developed, in labs all over the world, which, in combination, will be able to actually prevent age-related diseases and loss of functionality. The governments of the world are unprepared to answer this challenge, but potentially could be. What is needed - and does not yet exist - is a concerted, focused, competent, and fully-funded effort to catalyze the coalescing of this work into the complete set of therapies and protocols that will prevent the occurence of these diseases. The LifeStar World Health Initiative has been created to respond to this need. With the right approach, we believe this result can be produced within the next 10-15 years." The mission statement: "To do or cause to be done whatever is necessary to develop and make available to all human beings repeatable clinical protocols which repair, reverse, and reduce the accumulations of damage and changes which interfere with the human body's innate ability to defend itself from disease and loss of functionality as soon as humanly possible."


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