Aubrey de Grey's Vision

The Daily Galaxy outlines Aubrey de Grey's vision for the defeat of aging and age-related disease: "Some people look forward to dying. But de Grey says that's only because we all believe getting old and frail is inevitable - something he refers to as the 'pro-aging trance' society is currently 'trapped' in. De Grey's version of the future is where everyone can stay perpetually healthy and young through a combination of innovative longevity sciences, and he believes it will be more affordable alternative to caring for elderly, frail bodies. He has nothing against old people, he just thinks people should have the option to avoid ageing and death if they want to. There could be other benefits, as well. He says people would welcome eternity if they understood the benefits. ... If we want to hit the high points, number one is, there will not be any frail elderly people. Which means we won't be spending all this unbelievable amount of money keeping all those frail elderly people alive for like one extra year the way we do at the moment. That money will be available to spend on important things like, well, obviously, providing the health care to keep us that way, but that won't be anything like so expensive."



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