An Interview With Aubrey de Grey

An interview with biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey at (Ciencia) x (Libre): "I meet Aubrey de Grey after his lecture at the CosmoCaixa Barcelona Museum. He’s had an intense day: several press, radio and television interviews in the morning, followed by a two hours lecture in front of a demanding public. ... de Grey is quite clear: aging is not inscribed in our genes, is the result of the accumulation of damage not repaired and that just ends up being fatal. Evolutionary biology says he is right: our genes allow us to live long enough to reproduce successfully, and after that [we] matter little at the 'eyes' of the selfish gene. If we repaired these damages in time [could] we not live a thousand years? ... most biogerontologists don't study ageing in order to figure out how to fix it: they study it as a phenomenon to be understood, rather in the same way that seismologist study earthquakes. You know [they] understand that earthquakes are sometimes quite bad for you, but they don't aspire to actually stopping them from happening. And most biogerontologists are the same, so that's why I call myself a biomedical gerontologist. I am not trying to use therapies that already exist, but I'm trying to develop new therapies that will actually do something about ageing."



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