More Scientist Bloggers Sought By Ouroboros

The eminently respectable group blog Ouroboros, focused on the biology of aging and related aging research, is looking for more scientist bloggers to swell their ranks:

Do you want to write for Ouroboros? The three main criteria are as follows:
  • Be a working scientist in a field relevant to the biology of aging.
  • Have strong English writing skills, and a perfectionist streak about your prose.
  • Be willing and able to commit to writing a ~500-word post based on a recent journal article about the biology of aging, around once every two weeks.

Writers tend to converge on subjects that interest them, so it would be nice if you had a sense of what sort of pieces you’d like to cover. Our current contributors are working on calorie restriction, transcriptomics and systems biology, telomeres, and mitochondria - but that leaves a lot of ground un-covered.

Writing about science for an open audience is an excellent opportunity for young researchers in this field to broaden their pool of connections and hone their writing skills while at it. If you know of anyone who might fit the criteria and be interested, send them over.


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