Towards an End to Metastasis

If we could shut down metastasis, cancer would be a far less dangerous proposition, open to a broader range of less harmful therapies: "Cancer metastasis, where the cancer spreads from its original location, is known to be responsible for 90% of cancer-related deaths. ... scientists have found that an enzyme called LOX is crucial in promoting metastasis ... Drugs to block this enzyme's action could keep cancer at bay ... The researchers studied breast cancer in mice, but are confident that their findings will apply to humans with other cancer types too. LOX (lysyl oxidase) works by sending out signals to prepare a new area of the body for the cancer to set up a camp. Without this preparation process the new environment would be too hostile for the cancer to grow. ... it was the first time one key enzyme has been identified as responsible for effectively allowing the cancer to spread. ... the next stage will be to find out if the LOX protein can be switched off to stop cancer spreading."



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