What is Transhumanism?

Via the Exception: "The doubling rate of medical knowledge is three years - that is, the next three years of medical research will yield as much knowledge as has been yielded in all of human history. The next three years will double our knowledge again, and again, and so on. This exponential growth in knowledge will rapidly enable us to eradicate disease and radically improve the human condition. Indeed, we will be able to look beyond curing the sick, towards a future in which we make ourselves more than healthy. We will be able to enhance our memory and our intellectual capacity. We will use technology to make ourselves faster, more efficient, and radically longer-lived. We will be able to augment our physical strength, stamina, and resistance to disease. We might enhance specific skills, such as visual acuity or musical talent. In the extreme, we will correct the molecular wear-and-tear that causes deterioration and death – reversing the aging process itself. Humans might even obtain entirely new capacities, such as infrared vision, or bat-like echolocation. The body of thought that deals with enhancement technologies is called transhumanism. In essence, transhumanists favor using technology to enhance mental and physical human capacities."

Link: http://exceptionmag.com/culture/society/000470/what-transhumanism?page=show


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