Imminst TV

The TV section of the Immortality Institute site is central repository and chatroom for much of the video resulting from the work of volunteers there, running on ustream. "Our Executive Director, Mind, has compiled a list of the videos that he plays in there that are posted there. He has also compiled a list of some of the main guests and links to the interviews that he conducts for's main feature, the Sunday Evening Update show ... Sunday Evening Update is held most Sunday afternoons and provides news, views, and people from the world of life extension. Hosted by Immortality Institute Executive Director Mind (Justin Loew), past special guest speaker have included [Aubrey de Grey
and S. Jay Olshansky]. ... Our channel makes use of video and audio technology, as well as a traditional text chat interface. Come by to listen to and participate in the discussion, and type your questions for the guest speakers. During the rest of the week, stop by to watch rotating documentaries or our archived chats, and participate in various meetings held by active Immortality Institute members." It's a pretty active community of pro-longevity folk, so you should make a point of passing by to see if you fit in.



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