Update on the Science Against Aging Initiative

I notice that the Science Against Aging initiative, brainchild of the Russian Science For Life Extension foundation, has a newly relaunched website. Sadly, it's Russian language only at the moment, which means most of we Western monolinguists are at the mercy of Google Translate or Yahoo! Babel Fish:

The purpose of the fund Science Against Aging:

- achieve the development and application of scientific methods for a substantial period of extension of healthy human life.
- Establish an integrated program of scientific study the mechanisms of aging;
- Obtain funding for this program;
- To develop scientific methods of intervention in the aging processes in order to slow down;
- Apply the results of scientific research for a substantial extension of healthy life.

The foundation recently announced their scientific advisory council. It includes some familiar faces, such as Aubrey de Grey of the SENS Foundation, the Gavrilovs behind the reliability theory of aging and longevity, and Vladimir Skulachev, whose work on mitochondrially targeted antioxidants that extend life in mice I've discussed here in the past.

Perusing the site via one of the automated translation engines mentioned above, you'll find a number of interesting articles, such as this one by the energetic longevity advocate Michael Batin. It's a very Russian view as to how the existence of aging leads to many of the ills we see in our societies; people give up because just at the point of reaching the apex of their powers they believe that nothing but decay lies ahead:

First of all, we must ponder, what prevents a person to change their lives for the better.

Why people do not get a new generation of modern professions, where the need for this? Why people do not protect their rights, do not realize their own interests? Why people do not make efforts to become happier? Because they do not have this power. Because people have no capacity. Because they are aging. For the same reason they are sick, are depressed and have little to solve that. Aging is a major obstacle for a man in his plans, wishes and dreams.

Besides, whatever happened in the society, the family with the man, aging methodically makes life worse and worse.

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