A Little Methuselah Foundation Coverage

Video at KTLA: "There's no escaping the inevitable...all of us and our loved ones will grow old. But now a cutting edge group is doing something about aging. At the southern California offices of Methuselah Foundation, KTLA has met a man who says we can live as long as our scientific imaginations allow. Methuselah Foundation creative director Roger Holzberg says it's simple: together let's aggressively attack the diseases of aging! ... Over the last century, the extent of a healthy life span has increased dramatically as we started to conquer illnesses like polio. and there is no reason why the diseases of aging can't fall like polio did, over the next decade," Holzberg says. The work of the Foundation operates on several levels: first, there's short-term care through their web site, offering 'tips for life.' Another level in the battle against aging is the 'M Prize' - it's a huge cash prize the Foundation is offering, to anyone who can best prolong life in lab animals. The 'prize strategy' is working. Already one of the entrants has helped lab mice live well beyond their years."

Link: http://www.ktla.com/news/extras/ktla-live-forever,0,6577906.story

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