Kindle Editions of Fight Aging! and the Longevity Meme News

In an almost unheard-of burst of activity for this curmudgeonly late adopter, I've signed up for Amazon's Kindle Publishing program. It enables Kindle users to exchange their hard-earned money in return for subscribing to blogs on their device, the content delivered wirelessly. I create an account with Amazon, point their servers to my feeds, and they do the rest. Links to the resulting products follow:

In the unlikely event of significant revenue sharing (e.g. more than the two dollars total I'm expecting) I'll donate the proceeds to either the Methuselah Foundation or SENS Foundation.

I encourage the folk in the community who write on similar topics to those here at Fight Aging! to take the plunge as well. There's nothing to lose, and a little more of an audience to potentially gain. Signing up is straightforward, takes only a few minutes, and I see no downside for those of us who cast forth our writings to the world for all to benefit from.


Thanks, this is a great idea. Even though I have to pay for the kindle blogs, I still find that I read them much more regularly with kindle. It's just so easy.

Posted by: William Nelson at May 15th, 2009 12:44 PM
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