Upgrading Our Biochemistry

Are there comparatively simple, localized tweaks to human biochemistry that could be tested and implemented in a short enough timeframe to benefit the health and longevity of those of us reading this today? Perhaps. This might be one of them: "Oxygen metabolism (the process by which living cells produce energy), leads to the production of highly reactive oxygen species (ROS), which can cause significant neurodegenerative damage in cells that are unable to protect themselves. This is seen most remarkably in aging cells, which experience both an increase in ROS production and a decrease in defense mechanisms, a condition known as oxidative stress. Through their examination of cells in the laboratory, the researchers concluded that potassium channels are targets of ROS, resulting in modification to the cell that causes neuronal dysfunction. The researchers showed that by modifying a single cysteine residue, they could make the potassium channel resistant to oxidation, thereby allowing for normal functioning of the nervous system."

Link: http://www.newswise.com/articles/view/552291/

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