Seeking an Application of Klotho

Researchers are looking for ways to apply knowledge of the longevity gene klotho for medical benefit: "A newly-discovered anti-aging gene could be manipulated to stop or even prevent high blood pressure, a leading contributor to early death ... Persistent high blood pressure, also called hypertension, can lead to stroke, heart attacks and kidney failure. About one-third of Americans struggle with the condition ... an anti-aging gene called klotho decreases as humans age while hypertension tends to increase. Increasing the expression or output of the gene in lab animals reduced blood pressure and reversed kidney damage from hypertension.
Sun said testing on humans is the next step, and it would be years before a therapy could be sold. ... All of us will be and should be extremely hopeful this can occur. ... it's possible the therapy could protect other organs - such as the brain and eyes - from conditions related to aging." This is all pretty speculative beyond the fact of the animal study results - and for most people lifestyle conditions like hypertension are very avoidable. Lead a fat, sedentary life, and don't be surprised when your body starts to fail more rapidly than those who kept fit or practiced calorie restriction.



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